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Sage is an Accounting software that helps all small and medium business owners in tracking their income and expenses in different currencies. It is a user-friendly cloud-based accounting program that tracks your accounts, manages your finance, reviews the invoice, and check the cash flow.

It is considered one of the most advanced Software, with all the new features to make the user’s life easy. Sage works through the web, which means you don’t have to install it in your system. Moreover, all the new updates will be installed and applied to your Account automatically, thus no hassle and inconvenience. Apart from that, all the Sage software gets integrated with each other soothingly.

Who can Utilize Sage Software?

Do you know who actually needs Sage Software and why? Look, Sage is beneficial for all the Business and organizations, but if we talk specifically, then it can be best utilized by:

  1. All Businesses that are running using the Software: If you are already operating your Business with the help of an accounting software solution, then you know how difficult it is to update it every other day. But with Sage, you don’t have to do so; Sage is a cloud-based program with an automatic update feature.
  2. Businesses that have HR Headache: In case you find it difficult to manage a human resource team, then Sage software can help you by rectifying your HR-related Query.
  3. New Growing Business: Suppose you are a small business in its initial days; you can’t look over every small detail properly by yourself, right? Therefore Sage offers you numerous features related to accounting, HR, invoicing, etc., to help you grow in the market.
  4. Businesses that have Contractors and Suppliers: If you are running a business that works with a Contractor and supplier, you must have to o the payment on time. Thus with the Sage payroll software, you can do it very efficiently.

What are the Different Versions of Sage?

Whether you are a small Business Owner or a medium business owner, you have the option to select the best version of Sage according to the needs and requirements of your Business. Each version of Software has its own feature and specification, to help your Business in achieving success.

Sage For Small Businesses:-

1.Sage 50cloud Accounting:-

The Sage 50 Cloud Account is a complete accounting desktop solution that offers more functionalities and services to its users. Its services include Sales & purchase order processing, business report options, etc.

2.Sage Business Cloud Accounting:-

The Business Cloud Accounting version of Sage focuses more on Accounting. It provides core accounting services to all its users, including invoicing and a few basic reporting options.

3.Sage HR:-

It is almost clear from the name itself what Sage HR does. The HR version of Sage software is a Human resources management solution that helps users to manage and engage their employees remotely. It has multiple tools, like repetitive tasks, that can assist the user in guiding their employees effortlessly.

4.Sage Timeslips:-

Sage Timeslips is made to generate the invoice and provide time & billing solutions. This helps the organization in managing its overall money and time.

Sage For Medium Business

1.Sage X3:-

Sage X3 is another great product by Sage that is used for medium businesses. It is a one-stop solution for all those people who want to manage their business activities in one simple, easy-to-use system.

2.Sage 300:-

Sage 300 is used to connect all the key business operations together. This means it interlinks accounting, distribution, warehouse, and manufacturing altogether. Moreover, it also integrates various services, like sales, marketing, business analytics, and customer services, into one system.

3.Sage 100:-

Sage 100 is considered the most used construction management software company. This version of the Sage software is used for Accounting, project management, estimation, and service management.

4.Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE):-

This product is an end-to-end construction and property management tool. However, it is a little costly, and still, people favor it.

5.Sage Intacct Construction:-

It supports medium businesses by increasing their operational efficiency, managing IT costs, and understanding valuable real-time details of the financial background to upgrade overall productivity.

6.Sage 100 Contractor:-

Sage 100 Contractor manages all the phases of construction and service management using one simple solution.

7.Sage Fixed Assets:-

The Fixed Asset Software by Sage gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage and utilize your fixed assets for your entire life..

8.Sage People:-

The Software by Sage helps you in getting connected to your multinational workforce in an advanced way. You can customize your employee’s server portal and enhance the team’s efficiency.

Sage 50:- It is the most used Sage product that is loved by all small as well as medium business owners. It manages your income, cash flow, payments, and expenses, effortlessly. Moreover, the charges for Sage 50 are also affordable and if you are phasing any issue regarding sage 50 you can reach out to our Sage 50 support experts.

Up till now, you must have understood how beneficial Sage Software is, but the user sometimes gets stuck in technical errors while using the Software, and they don’t know how exactly they can fix it. Therefore to help such customers resolve their problems, Sage officials offer different ways to contact Sage 50 helpdesk Support. You can learn more about it in the next section.

However, before going for the ways to reach out the Sage Customer care, firstly, let’s why to contact the Sage technical helpdesk:

The most common issues faced by Sage users are:-

How to Get Help from Sage Customer Support?

As we already mentioned, there are multiple ways to grab help from Sage, so let’s discuss each of them in detail.

1.Call on Sage Helpdesk phone number to get Assistance:-

The easiest and most convenient way to reach out to Sage Customer Support is via dialing their number. Simply dial the Sage toll-free number +1(833) 561-0071 and get in touch with an expert. However, if the representative from Sage Helpdesk is busy at the moment, you can simply schedule a call for the future.

After getting connected, the Sage contact number  will listen to your issue and provide you with easy fixes according to your issue.

Note: Keep in mind to have a pen and paper by your side while making the call.

2.Grab Assistance from Sage Support using the Email:-

Now, in case you don’t want to opt for phone support, then Sage has also provided you with an email address. Just, right down your concern in detail in the mail and send it to [email protected]
Now wait for sometimes, to receive the revert from Sage.

3.Resolve your Query using the Live Chat Option:-

Another alternative to the Sage Helpdesk phone number is the Live chat option. To access the live chat facility, you have to click on the Help Box mentioned below. Thereafter, enter all the required details, i.e., your name, Email, the issue you are facing, etc., and hit the Submit Button.

Now, a Sage Support agent will join you to provide a step-by-step guide to rectify your issue. In case they are not able to help you on the chat, they will schedule a call for you, as per your availability.

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