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Before reaching to Sage Peachtree, let’s know about Sage first, their services, and this company’s purpose.

The Sage Group is not small but is the forerunner in providing all companies with business management products and services. They serve across the whole world and also have 6 million customers already. The solution that Sage relies on for their forte and impart services are accounting, human management, Contact management, warehouse management, and Customer relationship management.

Now comes the turn of introduction to Sage Peachtree. Sage 50 Peachtree is an accounting software that strives hard to offer business control and insights. It will produce a valuable result for all businesses to enhance their accounting and financial aspect. If you are using Sage 50 Peachtree, then it is a fact that your organization will improve proficiency and efficiency. This product comprises user-friendly tools, engaging or understandable tools, and top-notch functionality for Inventory management.

“Encountering issues while using Sage 50 Peachtree, don’t waste time; just call immediately on +1(833) 561-0071.”

Usage of the Peachtree Software

This Peachtree software worldwide spends 35 years, and it is mainly get used up in the small business community. It is a vital software for all small and medium-scale enterprises and businesses as it has a small volume of information and can easily fulfill all accounting needs. Peachtree is like a helping hand that enables everyone to manage their daily business tasks conveniently and simply. With this, all the chances of any issue or mistake get eradicated

Striking traits of Sage Peachtree

Multiple features of Sage 50 Peachtree exist out there, and if you start to create a list of the same, then it wouldn’t end.

  • Accounts paying
  • Accounts receiving
  • A lot of services or Inventory
  • Impeccable security
  • Commendable Integration
  • Management of the cash flow
  • Other additional features

Highlights of Peachtree Sage

Sage Peachtree is not only used for the accounting purpose of a business or company to have accurate or valid output for a better and long way running. To know what are the prime highlights of this software, you have to take a look at below:

  • All the users have the right to merge all the financial reports of the big companies to create a big-picture scenario.
  • Every accountant of any organization has access to all client files while sitting somewhere else (remotely).
  • The aspect of flexibility in financial and accounting management is a plus point for everyone as through this, you can print reports of many previous years. It is quintessential when you compare the budget of many big companies.

How many versions of the Sage 50 Peachtree are there?

Three versions of Sage 50 Peachtree are available. Know each of them in a better way and a detailed manner.

Sage 50 Pro: Sage 50 Pro is for companies that have just started. If you have a business with some lesser expectations, go with Sage 50 Pro. It is designed by remembering that its main purpose is to simplify the business process. This version of Sage 50 Peachtree is so easy to use and a one in all accounting software that is apt for one user.

Sage 50 premium: Sage 50 premium is not only premium by the name but has features that have to be inhere in this version. It has all the features of Sage 50 pro and is crucial for 1-5 users simultaneously. Apart from the feature of the pro, it also equipped the feature of the purchase order and change orders. The list is not made if we sit to make one about the features of the Sage 50 premium. Indubitably, Sage 50 premium is one step ahead of Sage 50 pro in the long run.

Sage 50 Quantum: Sage 50 Quantum is quite a robust tool to manage a big company’s accounting and financial segment. It has all the tools that are listed in Sage 50 premium. Along with this, Sage 50 Quantum provides you a rigid inventory management system tools that enable you to grow your business and will streamline your business.

Pricing of Sage Peachtree

Peachtree accounting software price fluctuates depending based on the version you are using. See the prices of Sage 50 Peachtree according to the versions given.

  • If you are using Sage 50 pro, Sage Peachtree accounting software costs $567.
  • Peachtree accounting software price for version Sage 50 Premium will start from $924.
  • Peachtree accounting Software Price for version Sage 50 Quantum starts from $1533.

System requirements for Peachtree accounting software

Knowing about the system requirements for Sage Peachtree accounting software becomes necessary as everything already gets listed about the Sage 50 Peachtree. So, match the requirements and see whether your system is compatible.

  1. If you are a single user, the RAM should be 8 GB, but if you are using it as multiple users, then there is a necessity of about 16 GB of RAM.
  2. The Internet connectivity must remain up to the level, and there shouldn’t be any drop in the Internet speed.
  3. 5 GB of disk space is required for Installation, and in addition to this, space of 2 GB more is required to install the components on the server.
  4. 280 MB to 850 MB is needed for Microsoft NET Framework.
  5. For both types of users, i.e., single and multiple, 2.0 GHz processor is a must.
  6. 1280×800 is the minimum resolution required, whereas the preferred resolution is 1440×900 or higher. High-color 16-bit SVGA video and Small fonts or DPI settings are also essential.

Ways To Seek Sage Peachtree Support

Indeed, it is true that the Peachtree solution is simple software to use, but certain difficulties or hindrances sometimes occur. And users unfamiliar with Sage 50 Peachtree can also face some difficulties. There is no need to worry if you encounter any issue regarding Sage Peachtree accounting software as our adroit team of professionals is eagerly ready to assist you in any way. You can seek assistance for any issue at any time without any hesitation. Look below and learn about the ways to get assistance from us.

  • Through Calling – if you are in an urgent state and need assistance promptly, call us at +1(833) 561-0071 directly without a second thought.
  • By Email – You can also opt for the alternative of sending us the email at our official mail ID, [email protected] Our team will analyze your issue and revert you back in some working hours.
  • Live Chat is another option through which you can connect with us. By any chance, if you can’t get connected with us for any reason, then you should try to reach us via Sage Support Live Chat. It is available on our website at the bottom right of every page, especially on the Contact Us page.

FAQs Peachtree

Que 1. How to get help with the oldest version of the Peachtree Sage software?

Ans. Some users are still using the oldest version of the Peachtree Sage software.
However, the official support is discontinued for those who are still on Peachtree’s oldest version. Worry not! We at, which is a third-party technical support provider for the entire range of Sage products and versions, can help you with fast support. Give us a call, and we will guide you with the multi-faceted Peach technical issues.

Que 2. Is there any Peachtree data repair service?

Ans. Yes! We offer full-fledged data repair services to Sage Peach users. Get in touch with us for any and all kinds of data damage or corruption issues and get it repaired by experienced Sage professionals.

Que 3. How to Upgrade From Peachtree to Sage 50?

Ans. Upgrading from the recent versions of the Sage application is a straightforward task and does not cause any disruption to your reports and forms. However, if you want to upgrade Peachtree to Sage, you will have to go through an interim version to get the latest version of the program. It may not convert your forms and reports, but you need to make sure that your balances remain correct after the completion of the upgrade process. For an error-free upgrade process, you can get help from our Sage experts.

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