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Are you planning to invest your money in Sage payroll? But not sure. Read this blog to grab in-depth information about Sage Payroll, its benefits, features, problems, and Sage Payroll Support. This will help you in making a good decision by understanding the software a little more.

What is Sage Payroll?

Sage 50 is one of the most preferred accounting solutions that can help you handle your accounting tasks. Besides, you can also handle your payroll processes with Sage 50 Payroll service. However, there are multi-faceted issues in the program, internal as well as external; you may encounter when handling your payroll tasks within the Sage 50 applications.

Sage Payroll provides services for different kinds of businesses. It’s a cloud-based software that offers additional benefits to its users, as per their plans. It will do the tax filing, accounting integration, and HR Data Management for a company. Apart from that, it also allows the users to manage and automate the payroll process. It gives the user the ability to pay the employees the appropriate amount on time.
The payment can be made via Direct Deposit, business-generated checks, or pay cards as well. Furthermore, Sage Payroll also allows its users to file taxes perfectly. More than that, keep the user up-to-date on compliance and employee data.

Fortunately, you can connect with the Sage 50 support number in your hours of need and discuss your issues with the experts in order to get them resolved. In this post, we will discuss some of the common issues related to the Sage Payroll service and how professional help can be helpful in such scenarios.

What are the most Popular Features of Sage payroll?

The features you receive with Sage Payroll majorly depend on the plan you purchase. Sage Payroll has three plans, including Sage Payroll Essentials, Sage Payroll Essentials Plus, and Sage Payroll Full Service. Each of these versions has its own features, benefits, and charges. You can learn about them in this section of the blog.

Note: Sage payroll plans range from I want to do Payroll Myself to I want someone to do Payroll for me.

Sage Payroll Essentials

  • The Sage Payroll Essentials is the most basic and low-cost plan that you can choose. It comes in the category of “I want to do Payroll Myself.”
  • Using this plan, users can pay their employees on the Scheduled Payroll date. The platform is cloud-based. Thus, you can easily receive payroll services. There are different options available to pay, including Pay cards, Direct Deposits, or check printers.
  • To utilize the plan, you first have to set up the Payroll by entering your Employee and Organization information. Once the setup is done now, you will have access to all your payroll data at a place. Apart from that, the employees also have access to log in and use personal payroll information like the W2 and pay stubs.
  • When you choose the Sage payroll, you have to file your taxes by yourself. Apart from that, you can also integrate your Sage Payroll essentials with the accounting software you are using. Moreover, you can also integrate this plan with software like Time management, payment processing, human capital management tools, and ACA compliance.
  • The Sage Payroll provides you with additional features as well, including Payroll reporting, an advice community, a customer support team, etc.

Note: Users also receive a six month money-back guarantee plan when they pay for Sage Payroll Essentials Plan.

Sage Payroll Essential Plus

The second plan is the Sage Payroll Essential Plus. It is the most used plan by Sage Payroll services users. The reason behind its popularity is the way the plan works. It focuses more on the essential need of the business and provides features accordingly. It is considered a comprehensive plan that includes everything from the Sage Payroll Essential.

Note: It also has some extra features that are needed for tax filing within the plan. This means you don’t have to fill in your tax manually. 

Sage Payroll Full Service

It must be clear from the name that it is a full or complete plan of the Sage Payroll Services plan. This works mainly on the “I want someone to do payroll for me” option. It is a full service, where Sage has all the responsibilities of the tax filing and everything.
The best part about this plan is you will have a meeting with a dedicated service representative who will explain everything about the plan and will help you in setting up your Payroll. This representative will also give you support for individual needs related to Tax filing.
Moreover, apart from the payroll processing services we discussed in the previous plans, Sage will also file and remit your taxes within all the Jurisdictions and states. Lastly, you will also have the benefits of HR Data Management.

Sage Payroll HCM

Other than these three remarkable Payroll Plans, Sage services also have an extra option, i.e., Sage Payroll HCM. It is an essential Extension of the Sage Payroll Full Service, which has all the features of the Sage Payroll Service. Along with that, it has a Human capital management system tool as well. Once you opt for the plan, it will take care of the hiring, recruiting, onboarding of employees, etc.

Furthermore, it also gives you access to the career job portals allowing a better and enhanced job management description. In addition to that, it also views the candidate’s profile. You can create and publish numerous jobs in different job search platforms very easily. The management of application and report generation also becomes smooth.

Once you decide on the hiring process, you can utilize the Sage HCM for the onboarding of the employees as well. It includes training the employee, helping them in filling the employment forms, and personalizing their workflow templates as well.

What are the Benefits of Using Sage Payroll?

Knowing the Benefits will give you an insight into how Sage Payroll will help you in upgrading your Business and Company in an enhanced way.

  1. Variance in the Reporting: It helps the users in checking the irregularities present in your Payroll.
  2. Calculation Tool: This tool helps the users in viewing and understanding how the figures are calculated.
  3. Creates Correct and Professional Looking Payslips: Sage payslips are accepted by a large number of people, as they look authentic and standard, like a legit proof of income. It has Company, Employee Information, Payroll Period, Net Pay, Gross pay, and Details of Tax and National Insurance.
  4. Pay Staff on Time: Sage Payroll helps company owners in paying their staff properly by reducing UIF and PAYE. It gives the accurate amount.
  5. Minimize the Chances of Human Error: The Software calculates the exact amount to give the salary and runs the Payroll as well, on its own.
  6. Utilize the Payroll reports to manage future Costs: Access these reports to make future budgets, do the cost analysis, and manage the Salary expenditure.
  7. Save all the Payroll Data in a Safe File: All the important data are easily accessible but saved in a password-secure folder.
  8. Leave records are also saved in the Sage Payroll Data only: Every Employee will get a master file of their important information, including the leave records.
  9. Enhanced Pensions Module: The Sage Payroll offers an automatic evaluation of the workforce. It generates data files with the help of the correct format and uploads them safely to the Pension Provider. Moreover, it also creates customized communications for every employee.
  10. Online Timesheets: This tool will help the users in transferring the timesheet data of the employee online in the least time possible. Apart from that, it permits the employees as well to view their timesheets and submit information in one click.

List Of The Common Sage 50 Payroll Issues

When managing your payroll processes, you can face a wide range of issues related to different areas of your computer. It is also referred to as the environment wherein you are running your Sage 50 Payroll. By contacting a professional helpline, you can get the setup done correctly and keep these Sage 50 Payroll issues at bay.

In addition to the preventive support, you may also get assistance in troubleshooting the issues once they come into existence. Here, we will discuss some of the common issues related to Sage 50 Payroll that can give rise to the need to contact an expert professional:

1.Sage 50 Payroll Error – My Payroll Report Is Blank

My Payroll report is blank is a perplexing error in the program wherein the payroll report shows the section headings; however, no data is displayed. Besides, the error does not affect the payroll calculation. This error can concern the Sage 50 payroll users. To get rid of the error, you need to consider listing its possible causes in the first place. Thereafter, you can fix them using their corresponding solutions.

2.Possible Reasons That Can Evoke The Blank Payroll Report Error in Sage 50

Some of the main reasons behind the arrival of this error are:

  • The date range selected for the report is not included in the date of the checks.
  • Pay-check having a past month’s date is voided in the current month.
  • The latest installed tax service is not applied.
  • The unassigned payroll tax fields can also bring forth this error.

Contacting Sage 50 payroll technical support can be the best way to get rid of this error without needing to follow the trial and error troubleshooting procedures.

3.Missing Payroll Tax Forms

This is a Sage 50 payroll error, wherein Payroll Tax Form Selector doesn’t show any form. The missing tax forms can prevent you from accomplishing an important task. When the error occurs, you are left with the only option of the existing tax forms in the payroll tax form selector. When the tax forms are not updated, you need to resolve this issue by using the payroll forms. The error needs to be addressed promptly with the relevant solutions.

You need to keep in mind that troubleshooting requires a deep knowledge of the system’s operating system. To deal with this error, you need to modify your Windows Registry. However, if not done properly, it can have detrimental effects on your system. Create a backup of your company file before you attempt the error resolution. The best way to deal with this issue is to contact Sage 50 payroll support and ask an expert to fix this error for you.

4.Sage 50 Error – Payroll Tax Calculations Could Not Be Found

The “Payroll tax calculations could not be found” is an annoying issue in the program. With the arrival of this error, you will also notice the following error messages for the same –

  • Error: “The following formula listed on the Employee record does not exist in Payroll Formulas: Employee ID: [ID] Formula Name: [name, year, filing status]. To correct this, select File, Payroll Formulas, User-Maintained, and add this formula.”
  • Error: “An invalid Filing Status is selected.”

You can fix this error by applying the troubleshooting solutions when the root causes of the error are known.

4.Factors That Can Cause Sage 50 Payroll Tax Calculations Could not be Found

There is a multitude of possible reasons that can bring forth this error in Sage 50, as stated in the below-given list:

  • A failed installation of the latest tax updates is the primary reason for this error.
  • An inactive product can also give birth to this concerning Sage 50 Payroll error.
  • When you try to issue payroll more than 20 once your support plan renewal date is passed.
  • If you are using an obsolete version, you may encounter this unsettling tax calculation error.

Reliable Sage payroll support can save efforts and crucial time in error resolution and let you resume your ongoing task.

5.Payroll Year-To-Date (YTD) Totals Are Incorrect

Incorrect Payroll YTD totals are an erroneous situation in the Sage 50 payroll application that needs to be corrected before it affects your payroll processes. The incorrect totals are also reflected on the checks you print. Furthermore, when you create the pay stubs for your employees, the wrong year-to-date totals can create several discrepancies. There are multiple reasons you need to consider when this error occurs.

6.Common Reasons Promoting Incorrect YTD Totals in Sage 50 Payroll

Some of the prominent reasons behind the wrong YTD totals are stated below:

  • When the YTD totals are recalculated while printing the checks and are not saved as of the check date.
  • Unused fields are also one of the possible reasons behind the error.
  • Creation of an additional check for an employee that has not been accounted for.
  • When you delete or void the paychecks once the original check is printed.

In such a scenario, you can connect with a Sage 50 payroll support contact number and get one-on-one assistance for the error resolution.

7.FUTA missing from Payroll Tax Report

FUTA stands for Federal Unemployment Tax Act, which should be included in the Payroll Tax Report. However, if FUTA is missing in a payroll tax report, it means there is something not right. The missing payroll tax from the tax report needs to be corrected by implementing suitable solutions.

This error occurs when the checkbox for the ‘Use this formula as a filter on the payroll tax report’ is not checkmarked. Therefore, you need to make sure that this box in the Sage-Maintained Payroll Tax Formulas is ticked to avoid this error. Alternatively, you can contact Sage payroll support and get the error managed by experts.

What is the Pricing of Sage Payroll?

If you are a user thinking of purchasing Sage Payroll, then remember Sage doesn’t provide you with the pricing on their official website. Thus in order to know the price of Sage Payroll, you have to get in touch with one of the Sage Payroll Support representatives.

The representative will help you in making your perfect purchase as per the need of your business. The pricing of the product depends on various factors, including the size of your business, your payroll schedule, the plan you choose, your budget, and additional benefits that you might avail.

Benefits of Having A Sage 50 Payroll Support Contact Number

Sage 50 is an extensive accounting and payroll management program for enterprises, regardless of their sizes. You can handle your accounting-related tasks by relying on its powerful features. However, getting issues and glitches is an integral part of your experience with this accounting tool.

While handling your multi-faceted tasks in the program, some complex technical issues can give you hard knocks. In such a scenario, having Sage payroll support easily accessible can make it easier for you to deal with these technical challenges. Some of the main benefits can be seen as:

1.One-On-One Assistance: Technical issues can be complex to deal with, and therefore, you may need someone to deal with every step of the troubleshooting. When you connect with an expert using the helpline number, they will listen to your queries and provide one-on-one assistance until the problem is fixed.

2.Extensive Experience: Experience is an imperative factor that is needed in resolving the issues in the Sage 50 payroll. The experts you connect with by contacting a Sage 50 payroll technical support number can help you with their vast knowledge and experience in dealing with external and environmental errors so that you can run your business accounting and payroll processes smoothly.

3.Data Security and Privacy : There are several issues in the program that can pose a severe threat to your crucial financial data. However, professionals can troubleshoot your issues without causing the disruption of your financial information. When keeping your data security intact, professional experts ensure data privacy as well.

How to Get help from the Sage 50 Payroll Support Team?

Users have the option to get help from the Sage payroll support helpline using their Sage instant payroll support number. You simply have to dial the number and wait until the customer representative joins you. Once the Sage 50 payroll technical support representative joins, explain your issues in depth. Thereafter the Sage representative will provide you with an apt solution according to your problem.

Note: Make sure to have a Pen and paper by your side before calling on Sage payroll technical support phone number.

Reach out to Sage 50 Payroll Technical support using Live Chat

Another option to get assistance from Sage support payroll is through the Live Chat option. For that, you have to click on the Help box given below and provide the answers to the required Questions. After that, a sage 50 payroll technical support representative will join over chat to provide you with step-by-step solutions to your Query.

Note: Make sure to follow each step properly to ignore any further kind of problems.

Obtain help from Sage 50 payroll support via Email

Lastly, if you are not available for any of the above two processes, then email your issues to [email protected] . After emailing, you have to wait for some time to get a revert from Sage 50 payroll support because the representatives are not available around the clock for emailing.

Note: If the issue is not solved through Email, the sage support representative will schedule a call as per your availability. 

Why Choose Us for Sage 50 Technical Support?

Now that you have enough idea about the Sage 50 Payroll, its features, benefits, and support, let’s move ahead and learn a few reasons why you should choose us for Sage Payroll Support:

  1. The Professionals are available around the clock to help the users out in fixing their Queries.
  2. You will receive customized solutions as per your issue.
  3. You will receive the solution in the Shortest time possible.
  4. The experts are highly skilled, with years of experience in fixing complicated Sage Errors.
  5. Guaranteed safety of all your personal data.
  6. The Sage support option is not limited. You can ask as many questions as you want.
Summing Things Up!

Until now, you must have understood everything about Sage Payroll. But if you still have any doubts, you can call on Sage Payroll Technical Support Phone Number and get grab help. Apart from that, you also have the option to use the live chat or email option.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1: What is Sage 50cloud Payroll? 
Answer: The Sage 50 cloud payroll is a platform that allows organizations to calculate deduction payments, employee loans, holidays, etc; automatically. It is software that makes payroll work easier for businesses.

Question 2: How do I access Sage Payroll?
Answer: To access the Sage Payroll service, firstly log in to your Sage services:

  1. Navigate to the Sage payroll page, and choose login.
  2. Thereafter select the Payroll option, and provide your email address and password.
  3. Finally, hit the login button.

Question 3: What are the issues due to which users need Sage Technical Support?
Answer: Like every software, Sage payroll users also face various difficulties:

  • Sage 50 Payroll Compatibility Error
  • Sage 50 Payroll Generic Com Error
  • Sage 50 Payroll Full Payment Submission Error
  • Sage 50 Payroll Error 7802
  • Sage 50 Payroll Update
  • Sage 50 Payroll Fps Error
  • Generic Com Error Sage 50 Payroll
  • Sage 50 For Payroll Error

Question 4: How do I speak to someone at Sage? 
Answer: There are three major ways a user can opt to get in touch with Sage Payroll Support:

  1. By dialing Sage Payroll Technical Support Phone number
  2. Using the Email option, and
  3. By choosing the Live Chat button.

Users can choose any of the above ways, as per their convenience.

Question 5: Does Sage Online have Payroll? 
Answer: Yes, Sage Online does have a payroll option for its users. However, you have to pay a little extra charge for it.

Question 6 :How does Sage 50 payroll work? 
Answer: Sage 50 Payroll can help you run payrolls periodically, ranging from weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly, and monthly payrolls. Besides, you can print emails and payslips to your employees. You can run your payroll processes and handle related tasks with enhanced efficiency.

Question 7: Can I Use Sage 50 on Mac?
Answer:  You can not use Sage 50 on Mac directly. However, there are some workarounds (hacks) to get it done. You need to install the full version of Windows 10 onto your Mac. You can contact a Sage 50 support number to get assistance with this process.

Question 8: How to fix issues related to the Sage 50 payroll?
Answer:  There are various issues you may encounter, ranging from mild to severe. You can resolve some common issues on your own; however, the complex technical issues need to be handled by an expert. You can contact Sage 50 payroll technical support for prompt and disruption-free troubleshooting.

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