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Sage 50 is a well-favored Accounting software that is made to help small and medium businesses in managing their finance. The Software comes up with its latest version every year, but the Sage 50 2018 is still the most preferred edition by users. If you also want to avail the benefits of this Advanced Software, you have to download it into your System. Read this article to learn more about the steps to download Sage 50 2018.

What are the Advanced Features of Sage 50 2018 Edition?

Before moving ahead with the ways to download the Sage 50 2018 software, you first ask why it is so popular among the user. So, let’s begin the discussion.

1.Sage Drive Remote Access:- With Sage 50 2018 edition, you can easily access the data remotely. Sage is a cloud-based service that allows its user to share company account data safely without any fear of theft or damage. This simply means that people with authority can access company data from anywhere, anytime.

2.Microsoft Office 365 Integration for Backup:- You can take a backup of your data using the Premier Edition of Microsoft Office 365. It also has better Security and protection features to safeguard your data.

3.User-Friendly Interface:- The user interface is the most highlighted feature of Sage 50 2018 edition. This Interface is completely different from all the previous versions of the Software. This new look is admired by every user, as it gives the users an entirely different look. The Window looks spacious and aesthetic because of the arrangement of the icon. This edition of the Software definitely meets the user’s expectations.

4.Better Click to Pay:- In all the previous versions of the Software, an email invoice used to be sent to the vendors so that they could pay the required amount using cards and e-checks. Apart from that, there was a mandatory pay now link attached to the invoices as well. But with the introduction of the 2018 update of the Sage 50 software, you can disable this option for all the customers in case of need. Thus, you can customize the invoice according to your requirement.

What is the Advantage of Sage 50 edition Software for Business?

In this section of the article, we have discussed the benefits that Businesses get while using the Sage 50 software:

  1. Manages the Cash Flow of the Businesses.
  2. Better Security Features to protect important data.
  3. Users can opt for personalized and customized services
  4. Optimize the Sales properly.
  5. It also manages payroll in a better way.
  6. Users receive an enhanced reporting function.

What is the System Specification needed to Download Sage 50 2018?

Now, we can move forward and learn about the minimum System requirement to download the Sage 50 2018 edition on your Computer.

  • You must have a Windows 7 or later version of the Operating System.
    Note: If you are an iOS user, the operating system needs to be MacOS 10.12 or newer version.
  • The Processor should be Intel Pentium 4 or later/AMD Athlon 64 or newer.
  • In the hard disk, there must be at least 5 GB of free space.
  • The memory storage should be 2 GB of RAM or more than it.
  • Screen Resolution of the System must be 1024×768 or higher.
  • The Graphic Card in the System needs to be DirectX9 compatible with 512 MB of VRAM.
  • For Sage Payment-related issues, Intenet Explorer 11.0 or higher is required.
  • An active and stable internet connection should be provided.

Precautions Before Installing the 2018 version of Sage 50 in Your Device

Let’s now see a few points that you need to take care of before installing Sage 50 2018 edition in your System:

  • Make sure your System is compatible with Sage 50 software.
  • Disable all the Firewall and Anti-virus present in your System.
  • Exit all the background apps or processes.
  • Review the UAC (User Account Control); it must be set to its minimum settings.
  • Turn off the notification before initiating the process.

How to v Sage 50 2018 in Your System?

Finally, we can now learn the steps to download the Sage 50 2018 edition in our System:

  1. Launch the Browser, and go to the Official website of Sage.
  2. Now, navigate to the login age and enter the login credentials.
    Note: If you don’t have an account already, create one.
  3. After login into your Account, click on the Download button.
  4. Here, from the list of options, choose Sage 50 2018.
  5. Select your preferred language and tab on Download.
  6. Now, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Download process.

Steps to Install the Sage 50 in your Device

Once the Download is complete, you can move ahead with the installation process.

  1. While installing the file, follow all the instructions that pop ups on your display.
  2. Click on Yes to the Terms & Conditions of Software.
  3. Thereafter, select the Next button, and choose Auto Configure the Windows Firewall to allow the installation.
  4. Now tap on the Run button, and enter the Serial Number- Software validation code.”
  5. Moving ahead, tap on Next, and generate a new path in program files, followed by choosing the install button.
  6. This will complete your installation process of Sage 50 on your device.

What are the Benefits of Sage 50 for Students?

Apart from the Business owner, the Sage 50 program is also used by Students to gain more knowledge about Accounting software. Let’s learn the main advantages Students have using the Sage 50 2018 edition.

  1. Sage enhances the Accuracy of these students, as the risk of errors will be reduced in their Accounting work.
  2. It helps the students while working on their Accounting assignments or Projects.
  3. Sage 50 saves a lot of time for the user while doing their accounting work by providing a workflow.
  4. It helps the students in tracking their expenses, generating more financial statements and managing inventories as well.

How to Download Sage 50 For Free as a Student?

Sage is a paid software; everyone knows that. But for the students who are currently in School or university, it offers free services. Follow the instructions given below to download the Sage 50 2018 edition for Free.

  1. Open any Browser, and navigate to the Sage 50 Education Page.
  2. Hit on the Students and Teacher tab, and Fill in the required details. (Enter your personal details along with the School’s university information.)
  3. Now, Submit this form and wait for some time to get the Approval.
  4. Once you get the Approval, you will receive an email from the Sage Team with instructions to install the Sage 50 into your System.

What are the Steps to Install Sage 50 in your System?

Lastly, to install the free version of Sage 50 on your device, check out the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, Install the Sage 50 installation file from the email you get after registration.
  2. Thereafter, double-click on it to begin the installation process.
  3. Now, follow the on-screen procedure to complete the process.

Sage 50 Technical Support Number

There are seamless technical aspects of downloading and using accounting software. Therefore, the users shout out loud for a reliable Sage 50 support number that can help them in dealing with the technical hindrances. To help the Sage 50 users with a myriad of technical issues, such as download, install, set up, update/upgrade, and data conversion/migration/recovery, we have our Sage 50 support number available round the clock. The users can speak directly to the experts by calling the helpline number and discussing their issues to get a relevant solution.

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