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Are you considering including the Sage 50 cloud hosting in your business operations? If so, then you are thinking right. Sage 50 is the perfect solution for your business’s operations. It is the set of the most advance yet easy-to-use accountancy and payroll products that benefit many companies. Sage 50 premise hosting, or the physical server, dominated the industry for almost two decades. However, with the agile working and digital transformation, it is high time to move your Sage 50 to cloud hosting. The Sage 50 cloud hosting gives the power to access critical data at any time, from anywhere.

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Versions of Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

Sage cloud hosting is a cost-effective and low-maintenance method for all-size businesses that want to access their data from remote locations. All you need is an internet connection to access the services. Sage 50 cloud hosting accounts empower you to act on accurate data in real-time. It provides easy solutions to financial operations and empowers you to work more efficiently on the same platform from anywhere in the world.

The powerful modern business accounting software comes in two variations so that you can meet the dynamic needs of your business. It is pay as you go, model, meaning you pay only for the resources you are using.

The two variations of Sage 50 cloud hosting accounts are:

  • Sage 50 Cloud Standards
  • Sage 50 Cloud professional

Major Reasons to Choose the Cloud 50 Sage Hosting

Sage 50 Cloud hosting does wonders for your business. Moving to cloud sage hosting is always beneficial. Though there are numerous reasons to move your business to sage cloud hosting; however, some of the salient benefits are mentioned below:

1.Cost Saving

With cloud hosting services, you are not dependent on physical IT services anymore. It will save you cost as there is no hefty upfront cost or no monthly minimum requirement. It is a pay-as-you-go model, which means you have to pay for what you have used.

2.Ease of Use

The Sage hosting cloud is the most advanced yet easy-to-use product. You can access crucial data anywhere, at any time. It gives you the freedom to share the files, access them or use them even while on the go.

3.Team Collaboration

It allows the different users who are sitting at different locations to access the data on the platform. It means that they access, edit, or share the data on the software, even if they are using different devices at different locations in the world.

4.Tech Support 24 * 7

The experts are available round the clock over the phone, email, and live chat to troubleshoot your technical problems.

5.Automatic Updates

Cloud hosting means that you need not worry about updating the software procedure every time. Unlike the desktop version, you need to think of updates as certified professionals will perform this job.

6.High performance

Cloud hosting ensures high performance. Online hosting ensures high uptime, which will result in high business performance.

7.Enhanced Data Security

Sage 5o cloud hosting provides the best data security. It means that you need not worry about cyber security threats. The worldwide 20 Tier 3 data centers with the anti-DDOS infrastructure take automatic daily snapshots, which assures your business continuity.

How to Choose the Best Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Neither the requirements of the two businesses are the same, and therefore, we can not make the needs and requirements of the two businesses as the deciding factor. However, some common factors that you must look at before picking the Sage 50 cloud hosting provider are:

1.Technologies and Service Roadmap

Always look for the technologies solutions and cloud hosting architecture provided by the cloud hosting service provider. Both of them must be aligned with the objectives or the current in-house architecture of your cloud hosting.

2.Reliability and Performance

The companies you choose must be reliable. Ensure that they have a well-defined, proven, and documented process. As far as performance, choose the one that has SSD servers and adequate computing resources.

3.Data Security and Management

Always have a look at the electronic and physical security measures, operations, and governance of the service providers. Ensure that the security protocols of the service provider must be in sync with your company’s security protocols. Data protection must be on high priority.

4.Certifications and Compliances

You must choose a company that follows the standards set by HIPAA, SSAE, and GDPR law. The best service provider will follow a set of rules to ensure security.

5.SLAs and Contracts

There are various Sage 50 hosting service providers in the market. They offer monthly as well as annual plans. Sometimes they offer discounts also. Before signing the contract, the agreed terms between you and the provider must be clearly mentioned in the contract. Check whether there are any hidden fees or not.

6.Customizable Plans

You must pick the service provider that offers you various Sage 50 cloud hosting plans. These plans are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Pick the plan that best serves your business needs and fits your budget.

What to Expect From Us?

We have covered some of the best points that help users in choosing the best Cloud 50 hosting service provider in the market. Some of the factors that make us unique are mentioned below:

  • State of Art Infrastructure
  • Customizable Service
  • Expert Consultation
  • 24*7 Customer Assistance
  • Best Security
Final Print

Although Sage 50 cloud hosting can do wonders for your business, you need effective training to get the most out of it. Without the proper training, you will only scratch the ground of what cloud sage 50 can do for your business. If you are looking for the best sage cloud hosting providers, Accountings-age-50 is the best that provides the services at pocket-friendly prices.

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