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The Sage 500 ERP is an organization resource planning solution and it is ideal for maintaining operations, financials, logistics, inventory, and many more for manufacturing & dispense businesses. Therefore, Sage 500 ERP is made from the ground up with Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, and other Microsoft Office technology. This business venture features advanced personalization options to meet your particular requirements.

What are the Uses For Sage 500?

Sage 500 can help users to efficient tasks for several different roles in an organization. Here are the key functions of the Sage 500 ERP server:

  • Financial:

You can maintain your important accounting & financial procedure via Sage 500. The sage tool includes general ledger, AP & AR, Cash Management, and many more.

  • Manufacturing:

The manufacturing module contains several industry-leading features & functions for manufacturing & light manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, advanced planning, scheduling, Project management as well as material planning, shop floor management, etc.

  • Inventory Maintenance:

The Sage 500 ERP provides coverage of the inventory maintenance requirements which consists of supply chain industrialization, warehousing, and catalog management, and sales & returns management.

  • Analytics & Reporting:

Sage 500 helps users in reporting & analytics procedures across departments with the help of real-time data tools. Which includes drill-down capabilities, KPI tracking, as well as custom reporting.

  • Sales Management:

When it comes down to sales procedure, the Sage 500 ERP offers multiple features & functions. Furthermore, the key sales feature consists of sales histories, shipment information, customer returns, and many more.

  • Purchasing Management:

The fan-favorite module within the Sage 500 software is Purchasing Management. Speaking of its top-notch features include vendor management, reporting as well as freight expense allocation and receipt, invoice matching, and many more.

  • Human Resources & Payroll:

Moreover, the Sage 500 ERP contains powerful human resources functions which include time & attendance, as well as HR Compliance, Payroll management.

Highlighted Features of the Sage 500 ERP


  • Myriad Entities Support:

The sage software supports multi-location management out of all the functions that we have mentioned above because it was built while keeping big business in mind.

  • Integrations:

One of the best things about Sage 500 software is that it is extremely flexible and can be easily integrated with various industry-specific solutions. To make the most out of this ERP solution, you should be able to integrate your software.

  • Personalization:

As we have said before, the Sage 500 is extremely flexible & can be configured accordingly depending on the user’s requirements for multiple industries & niche markets.

  • Powerful Features Set:

The Sage ERP 500 is a favorite choice for users cause it offers a full suite of features compared to similar products.

  • Supply Chain Management & Distribution:

It helps users to improve their supply of chain visibility across all the areas of distribution. Moreover, the stocks, pick, and fulfill your orders from the warehouse to streamline your supply chain workflow. You can improve your order fulfillment efficiency by using the built-in tax compliance software by Avalara. The Sage 500 consists of an e-business suite, product configuration, and warehouse management.

  • Project Maintenance:

With the help of this software, you will have full control over your operations by keeping a track of your estimated or actual costs and it also prevents cost invasion. It offers to designate timings as well as fixed amounts for your projects to ensure that you are always maximizing your profitability.

  • Manufacturing:

This module offers various benefits such as; inventory, finances, sales, and end-to-end manufacturing. You will be able to afford to optimize your entire manufacturing procedure by using tools like inventory tracking, costing, and forecasting applications. Other than that, you can manage your warehouse with shop floor control and with estimating and advanced planning or scheduling features.

Advantages of the Sage ERP 500

Just like all the ERP products, the Sage 500 software improves the accuracy of the most important data. The mechanization capabilities and flexibility inside the sage 500 make it possible for a multitude of businesses to streamline its procedure which improves the efficiency of the sales cycles, reduces operations costs, and accelerates accounting functionalities.

  • Remote Access: The advantage of having Sage 500 hosted on your cloud is that you will be able to access your data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Top-Notch Security: Sage ERP 500 offers top-notch security & end-to-end data encryption that is backed up by multi-level authentication. However, the latest antivirus & firewalls offer complete data security.
  • Precise Data Output: There will be no data duplication or data corruption. Cause it transfers the data from one party to another in a singular and set format and it dismisses the possibility of error.
  • Adjustable Business Costs: The cloud gives you the flexibility to either upgrade or downsize your plan according to your changing business requirements.
  • Get Real-Time Data Access: The continuous connectivity between different data points can be highly beneficial for the company. On the cloud, you will get real-time access to all the information across your smart device.
  • Smooth Data Connectivity: One of the major USps of cloud hosting software is incessant data connectivity. However, the continuous connectivity between the different data points turns out to be highly beneficial for a company’s enhanced productivity. While you are on the cloud you will get real-time access from any of your smart devices, with an active internet connection.

Sage 500 Cost 

The Sage 500 does not offer a list with specific pricing information & list online. But, you can reach out to Sage’s official website to get know about the pricing details. However, if you are looking forward to improving your ERP ecosystem, then you should find that the Sage 500 will be the one that will be suitable for your needs.


The Sage 500 ERP products can be the deal-breaker for your business. However, if you are looking for an ER solution, then it depends on your procedure. The ERP software kinda same but has its own advantages. The key to selecting an ER solution is to understand your requirements. However, this blog explains everything that you need to know about Sage 500 ERP, and if you have any queries then you can contact us anytime.

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