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Sage 300 ERP, formally known as Accpac, is an organizational resource planning solution that intertwines the core business operations including Accounting, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing. Also, it collects sales, marketing, and customer service, business analytics into one centralized system. Besides that, it helps also helps to reduce prices and enable business automation as well as greater efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sage 300 ERP?

Here are some of the advantages of the Sage ERP software:

  • Wide Business Range:- The Sage EPR 300 software helps businesses by maintaining and planning the day-to-day tasks for all the company employees. And, it integrates & consolidate all business operation and provides accurate & reliable decision-making information. Users will be able to support several entities & languages, and currencies by just using a single application across the world.
  • Latest Features:- With its impressive scalability, Sage 300 ERP is a reliable solution for both small and midsize businesses that have grown over the years. You can get started with the complete implementation & then follow up with its technical support. The latest functionality of sage will work for any business regardless of its size. It also provides a web interface for mobile users that will permit you to work anytime, at flexible hours.
  • Corporate Leading Reliability:- The Sage 300 EPR helps your business to grow by creating an end-to-end encryption system. It offers solutions including, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Requirements Financial, and many more to help you reach your success.

Sage ERP 300 Modules & Functions

The Sage 300 consists of an array of standard software modules & functions and the options of extending the solution via add-ons, integrations, and personalization. Here are some of the basics that are included in Sage 300 ERP:

  • Receivable & Payable Accounts
  • Inventory Management
  • Buying Orders
  • Supports Multicurrency
  • Job & Project Casting
  • Data Management & Analytics

However, the Sage 300 construction as well as the Real Estate consists of functionality that supports these industries. With that being said, the version of the Sage 300 ERP includes modules for document management, business intelligence, and project management.

Top-Notch Features of the ERP SAGE 300

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management):-

Users can use Sage 300 software as a CRM to bring productivity, and collaboration, and to improve the experience of your clients. By using the advanced SAGE ERP software solutions, your marketing team will be able to come up with new ideas that will profit you in latest sales revenue.

  • SCM (Supply Chain Management):-

The sage 300 is built with a powerful SCM module that permits you to have real-time collaboration with your customers which cuts down the extra cost of inventory. You can maintain your inventory & streamline costs through Supply chain management despite the type of your business. Thus, users will be able to finish any difficult task with the help of Sage ERP 300 software.

  • Sales Management:-

The Sage ERP software offers an impeccable sales management function that permits easy management of the records which is related to sales inquiries, quotations, and orders. Therefore, the Accounts receivable module of the Sage 300 ERP offers an automated billing and collection procedure.

  • Budget Management:-

When you are a business owner, you have to maintain your financial resources carefully. And, here comes the Sage ERP 300 Budget software that helps users to complete the integration with every aspect of your business. It also permits users to forecast cash and the fund flow accurately.

  • Established Asset Management:-

If you want to invest in the latest manufacturing features, then you need to have Fixed Asset management. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep the core EBIDTA profits that will not translate to net profit. It allows you to have a complete understanding of your established asset maintenance module.

  • Accounts Payable Management:-

The Sage 300 software calculates the average accounts payable period and keeps track if your accounts payable are being cleared on time or being delayed.

  • Account Receivable:-

In order to grow your business, you may have sold some goods for credit sometime. The Accounts Receivable module of Sage 300 offers automated billing and collection procedure. It can also be used for the issuance of refunds which means you only have to spend a few cents instead of spending a lot of money. This allows users to save some extra bucks and resources that can be used for more profit.

  • Project Management:-

The Sage 300 offers an avenue project design and execution for you and your employees. To be at the top of your business, it is important that you meet all the deadlines & deliver the pre-approved budget. It cannot be possible without having a good communication and collaboration between all of your departments & team members.

Sage 300 ERP Price

The Pricing for the Sage 300 EPR may differ from organization to organization. Just like most of the software vendors, the Sage software does not publish its cost for the Sage 300 ERP software solution. So, if you want to know the price of Sage 300 ERP Prices, then you contact the Sage organization. But, it is important to understand the needs of the business before coming down to its pricing. However, Businesses usually pay more than usual for ERP solutions that support a large number of users.

What Types of Businesses Utilize Sage 300 Software? 

Medium enterprise which includes startups and midsize companies in multiple industries uses Sage 300 ERP. The Sage 300 is utilized by construction as well as real estate businesses of all the sizes. However, these companies are located worldwide and companies can grow their businesses globally.

Here the Industries that use Sage 300 are:
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Professional services
  • Non-Profit business
Observational Verdict

The Sage ERP solutions are easy to deploy and bring standardization across the board. And, with its satisfied customers, Sage has proven that its ERP solutions are ideal for business growth & management. This blog explains all the details about Sage 300 ERP, with its usage, advantages & its top-notch features. In the end, if you have any questions regarding the Sage ERP 300 software then you can reach out to us.

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