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Sage is one of the most well-known and renowned accounting software around the globe. It has numerous advanced versions and features for all kinds of users. But sometimes, its user encounters technical glitches like Sage 100 Printer, not Activated Error Code 41 problem. Fixing this is not a major issue if you know the exact step-by-step update. Thus we are providing this blog to help you out in resolving the Sage 100 printer not activated problem easily.

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What are the main causes behind Sage 100 Printer not Activated Error Code 41?

To get a better understanding of Printer, not Activated Error Code 41, it’s good to know the major reasons that can provoke it. Well, there are numerous causes that can trigger the Sage Printer not Activated problem. So, let’s learn about each of them in the below give section:

  • Your Printer Driver is facing compatibility problems.
  • There might be problems with the PDF Converter.
  • Your Email writer is corrupted.
  • You are facing an issue with the printer configuration.
  • It might be possible because of the problem or problems with the Amyuni Document Converter 600.
  • In case you are using the v6.0.2.9 Driver and apply it manually to the Sage 100 PDF Converter or Sage PDF Converter, it might
  • invite the Printer not activated error code -41 in Sage.
  • If you are using a driver which is of the older version.
  • Windows 8 is creating issues after the update.
  • The Printer is coming directly in conflict with the Windows 8 Operating System or its older version.
  • Your Windows profile is damaged.

What are the Facts to Take Care of while Facing Sage 100 Printer, Not Activated Error Code 41?

Now, we can move ahead and learn the important points that you must keep in mind while fixing the Printer not activated error code 41.

  • Make sure to provide an active and strong internet connection.
  • Use a printer Driver that is compatible with the Sage Software.
  • Make sure the Printer driver in your System is updated to its latest version.
  • Ensure that your Windows Profile is not corrupted.
  • Review the Email Writer, and see if it is working properly.

How Can You Fix Sage 100 Printer, not activate Error Code 41?

Finally, after learning all the important points related to the Printer not activated error code -41 problem. Now, we can move ahead and learn how to fix it effortlessly.

1 Solution: Look for the Driver Updates

If you are encountering error code -41, then first check the Printer Driver updates. In case you find an update, install it immediately to resolve the problem.

  1. In the beginning, open your System, and head to Device and Printer tab.
  2. Now, select the Sage 100 PDF Converter, and launch the Printer’s Properties.
  3. Next, head to the Advanced tab to select Amyuni Document Converter.
  4. Moving ahead, update it.
  5. Then close the Update Window and Print the Document again.
What are the Steps to Update your Printer Driver?
  • Firstly start the process by pressing the Windows +R keys.
  • Thereon, in the search box, write devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter button TO OPEN THE Device Manager.
  • Once the Device Manager is launched, look for Print queues” or “Printers categories and Expand it.
  • Next, do right tap on your Printer and choose Update Driver from the given Context menu.
  • Now, you will have to select from the two options: Search automatically for updated driver software and Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Note: Select the first option if you want the latest Driver online. However, if Windows is not able to look for a driver, then choose the second option.
  • Once you are done choosing one option, follow the on-screen prompts to manually browse and install the Driver.
  • Once the Driver update process is completed, reboot your System.

2 Solution: Restore the System Manually

Another thing you can do to rectify the Printer not activated issues is manually restoration of the System.

  1. Initially, restart your System using all the Administrator Rights.
  2. Thereon, launch System Tools, and select Click on System to Restore.
  3. Launch the System Tools, and select Click on the System to Restore button.
  4. Next, tap o Restore my Computer on Earlier Time.
  5. Now, look if the latest restore point is according to the requirements.
  6. Post Confirming and Completing the Restoration, reboot your System and verify if the issue is fixed now.

3 Solution: Install the Sage 100 PDF Converter again from the Paperless Office Advanced option

If none of the above processes worked in your, favor reinstall the Sage 100 PDF using the Paperless Office advanced option. To do so, check the process given below:

  1. To begin the process, Run the Sage 100 program as an Administrator.
  2. Simply log in to the Sage 100 program.
  3. Next, Select the File Menu button, and choose the Run button.
  4. Enter PL_AdvanceOptions_UI and tap ok.
  5. Now, choose the default date, and install the Converter.
  6. Finally, Exit Paperless Office Advanced Options Window.

Once it is done, try to Re-print the Paperless and find out, if it is working properly now.

Note: It might be possible that you need a 600 document converter driver and install it separately prior to checking the error again. 


Here we are concluding our blog; we hope that this blog will help you in fixing the Sage Printer not Activated Error Code 41. But if you want any additional advice from the experts, you can use the Sage live chat option given below. Just provide all the required information, and tap on the submit button. Once you are done, a Sage representative will join to provide a solution to your Query.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1: What is Sage 100 Printer, not Activated Error Code 41?

Answer: The user encountered Sage Printer error 41 while they tried to print using the Sage program. If you want to know more about it, it mainly appears at the time when a user is printing to paperless encounter.

Question 2: What are the major flaws that can provoke Sage 100 Error Code 41?

Answer: The main cause behind the Sage error 41 are:

  • Problems with the printer driver.
  • You are using an expired version of Sage software.
  • Files present in your System are damaged or corrupted.
  • Presence of Viruses or malware infection in the System.
  • Inaccurate printer drive setting configuration.
  • You might face some issues with the Windows Registry.
  • The printer driver is expired.
Question 3: How can I fix Sage 100 Pinter not Activated problem?

Answer: Stuck with error code -41 in Sage 50? Check the set of instructions given below to resolve it immediately.

  • Look for the proper connection of the Printer to your System.
  • Verify the Printer Configuration settings.
  • Update YOUR Printer Driver to its latest version.
  • Install the Sage accounting software again.
  • Look for viruses or malware infections in your System.
  • Review file System Errors and fix them with the help of the System File Checker Tool.
  • Moreover, repair your Windows registry through a reliable registry cleaner tool.
Question 4: How can I update the Printer Driver?

Answer: To update the Printer Driver to its latest version, follow the given steps:

  • Initially, launch the run box by pressing the Windows+R keys.
  • Thereon, in the run box, type devmgmt.msc, and select Enter.
  • Now the Device Manager will be open; there, look for Print queues or Printers category and expand it.
  • Moving ahead, right-click on your Pinter, and from the Context Menu, choose the Update Driver option.
  • Now, you will get to another page, where you have to choose between: Search automatically for updated driver software and
  • Browse my computer for driver software.
    Select the first option to let your Windows search for the latest
  • Driver online; else, I that’s not possible, choose the second option.
  • Now follow the instruction present on your to manually browse and install the Driver in the System.
  • After updating the Driver, reboot your System.
Question 5: How do I fix error 41 on my Printer?

Answer: In case you are encountering the Printer not activated error code -41, then it is majorly due to the installation of a damaged printer driver on your System. So you have to first delete the printer driver present in your System (You can do so with the help of Driver Manager.) and install it again.

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