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Sage CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Software launched by Sage in order to help small and medium scale business to grow their business through various marketing insights. With the help of Sage CRM software, businesses can easily interact with the customers, run marketing campaign, analyze the customer behavior through data analytics and create an effective marketing strategy focused on gaining new potentials customer and existing customer retention. However many marketing professional still have a donut in mind whether to opt for Sage CRM or not. Here we will discuss all the related information regarding the Customer Relationship Management application offered by the Sage.

What is a Sage CRM ?

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM is a marketing automation tools for small and medium scale businesses. Through CRM any marketing professional easily integrate various tasks like marketing campaign, data analytics, social media stats and various other tasks all at one place. With the help of CRM customers can easily create marketing insights and focus on our potential customers to increase business. Various features that every CRM should have are listed below:

  • Effective Marketing Automation Resources.
  • Convenient resource for doing market research.
  • Effective templates as part of Email Marketing Strategy.
  • Data Analytics tools to analyze campaign performance.
  • Good user experience through which can easily check the conversions.
  • Should provide enough space to maintain customer data and campaign reports.

Various Features provided by the Sage CRM

With the Sage CRM, you can easily integrate all your marketing insights at one place in order to automate your marketing techniques. Through the CRM, you can easily gain solid insights, have a clear understanding of your customer needs, interact with them effectively and accelerate your business growth. Various features on the basis you can opt for Sage CRM are listed below:

Sage CRM provides better user experience

Business who are using Sage CRM have a greater user experience with marketing professionals getting easy insights regarding customer and generate effective marketing campaign strategy keeping in mind the requirement and demands of customers.

Integration with MailChimp

Email campaign are a necessary part of marketing. The branch of marketing is called Email marketing where user can send mails to multiple people at once in order to promote their products. Various application are available for email marketing and Mailchimp is one of the best. With Sage CRM, you can easily use the MailChimp software and send multiples mail with zero spam possibility.

Can easily collaborate with other teams in same organization through Sage CRM

Internal communication is an important part for any organization. One of the reason to raise the necessity of internal communication is to track the completion of any task without which there will be delay in the work. With Sage CRM, you can collaborate more functionally and avoid various hurdles like duplication of task and increase productivity of your company.

Easy management of payment transaction

Marketing involves various campaigns some of which are paid. Customer using Sage CRM can easily integrate their business with the Sage accounting application through which there will be ease while managing paid campaigns.

Real-time information through Sage CRM

Every Customer Relationship Management software should provide Real-time data. With Sage CRM, you can easily analyze the real time data from any campaign and act accordingly to increase your business.

Why Should I Choose Sage CRM ?

Although various CRM application are available in the market. You can opt for Sage CRM because of the following reason:

Control marketing cost and increase your revenue using Sage CRM

With the help of various automation resources provided by the Sage CRM, businesses can easily make sure that you can easily execute the marketing funnel to the final stage of goods purchase by the consumer. Through the help of Sage CRM, the marketing teams can easily make informed decisions. Through that businesses can gain better insight and also increase the productivity of their organization.

Effective and Focused Marketing Campaign

Through better resources and data analysis provided by the Sage CRM, consumer can easily track their potential customer. Apart from that through integration of MailChimp email marketing application, you can create targeted marketing campaigns and generate more potential leads for your business.

Put right product in front of right people with Sage CRM Software

Through better insights provided by Sage Customer Relationship Management application, you can easily detect the requirement of any person to which you have approached and pitch the right product according to their needs. All of that efforts will help in lead generation.

Sage CRM Pricing 

One of the main reason that customer should purchase Sage CRM is the effective pricing and any any small and medium scale business enterprise can easily afford Sage CRM. You need to pay USD 39 monthly to use Sage CRM. Although various CRM provides are more convenient and economic but they don’t have the same features as provided by Sage.

Sage CRM Support

From the discussion above, we might have provided you enough information regarding CRM. In case any you have any doubts to opt for Sage CRM, you can easily contact us through live chat or mail. Our technical team is available 24/7 to provide any assistance or Sage 50 support in troubleshooting any error while running Sage CRM software.

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