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Sage Act (Now called ACT) is Customer Relationship Software created for small and medium-scale business enterprises. Initially owned by Sage Corporation from 2001-2013, the CRM application is used by various business organizations in order to develop various means to increase customer interaction and develop meaningful leads for the business. Various purposes for which ACT can be used include data analysis from various sources like email campaigns, website traffic, social media, and data from various other platforms where any business can directly contact their customer.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software is a platform where you can organize data from different sources, analyze them and accordingly create different strategies in order to increase your business. Various features that CRM software must have includes sales force automation, marketing automation, customer engagement, and data analytics software through which any business person can easily analyze their audience and create real-time engagement insights for your marketing team.

What are the Various Benefits of using Sage Act CRM?

Although users are benefited greatly from using  CRM, however some major advantages of using this CRM software are listed below:

Easily analyze the Data from various sources using Sage CRM:-

With the help of the Sage Act, users can easily analyze their customer behavior and read useful data easily, like the number of subscribers for the mailing list and feedback from various paid campaigns like Facebook, Google, and other platforms.

Can Easily run an Email marketing campaign with Sage Act Software:-

One of the main components of marketing nowadays is email marketing. Through Sage CRM, you can easily check your mailing template, create a mailing list and send emails to your existing customer and target customer. Apart from that, Sage Act provides integrated strategies for email marketing and accordingly provides the required resources. Various strategies under email marketing are listed below:

  • When a visitor on our landing is converted to a subscriber, there are templates provided by  to convert them into a potential lead.
  • The CRM provides reports of mail campaigns providing useful insights like who has opened the mail and how to revert to their queries. In case someone does not think our mail is useful, how can we follow up with them?

Customer Retention with Sage Act Software:-

The main target for CRM software is to create new customers. However, it is really important for any business that existing customer purchase/subscribe to our services repeatedly. Thus, while using Sage Act, CRM users are availed of various resources. In order for that, we need to have a strategy to retain existing customers.

Can easily Differentiate Potential Customers using Sage Act Software:-

Another features of is the data analytics utilities. With the help of CRM software data analytics techniques, we can easily study and analyze our potential customer. The subscriber who are no longer interested in our services can easily be detect by data analysis. Through that, we can divert all our efforts and focus on potential customers.

Interact with users Directly using Sage Act:-

Through CRM, a business can directly interact with the customer, collect feedback and act accordingly. With this platform where users and businesses can interact, there will be chances for better services.

Why Should I Choose Sage Act CRM?

Sage Act is available in the market for more than 35 years with around 800K users. With that stats, Sage Act CRM has maintained the reputation of providing the best services for marketing teams. The main reason why you chose Sage Act CRM are listed below:

Sage Act Connections: Customers who need marketing solutions or wish to sell their products online require not only CRM but also various other platforms to increase their business. With Sage Act, you can easily integrate the following services:

  • Business Productivity Connection in order to keep connected with your employees. You can use ACT companion, Google Contacts and Slack
  • Sales and Marketing Tools: Various marketing tools easily used along with Sage Act are Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, and Wufoo.
  • E-commerce Connection: Majority of business want to sell their products at different online platform. With t for marketing purposes,you can easily integrate this CRM with various e-commerce platforms.

Social Media Integrations: It is very important to be active on social media. Also, you can easily campaign on social media by following services like Facebook Lead Ads, Instagram, and Twitter.

Customer Reviews: Not only that, we have mentioned that Sage Act is the best CRM marketing tool. You can check out reviews provided by various customers across the globe.

Free Trial: Before you get to pay, you can run Sage CRM software for free for a period of 14 days, and based on your experience, you can decide whether to choose the SAGE ACT for your marketing solutions or not.

About Marketing Automation

While marketing your products or using CRM, you need to have a little knowledge about Marketing Automation. That will be helpful  in order to create a successful marketing campaign and effective marketing strategy. Marketing Automation can be defined as the process of utilizing various software to enhance marketing campaigns and various activities useful in marketing. You need to have some minimum knowledge of Marketing Automation in order to sell your products and increase your business. With Sage Act, you can easily understand how to run a campaign and swiftly create effective marketing strategies for your business.

On an Ending Note

From the above discussion, we hope that we have provided you with enough information about Sage Act. Apart from CRM, a little basic information regarding marketing automation has also been provided. In case you still have any queries or doubts about why you should choose  you can contact us. Sage Technical Support expert is available for you to clear your doubts regarding Sage Act and recommend you best software based on your business requirements.

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