Sage 50 Payroll Error 7802
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Sage 50 Payroll service helps users manage their payroll processes, help them remain up to date with payroll legislation, and lets them pay their employees directly from within the Sage 50 software. Besides it also sends your RTI data to HMRC. However, Sage 50 Payroll Error 7802 can take place when your company is not registered to submit RTI returns.

Alternatively, you may also get this error when submitting a process date that is before your migration date. This error can disrupt your payroll processes, and therefore, you need to troubleshoot the error as it crops up. Well! You have landed at the right place. Here, we will discuss the effective solutions to get rid of the Sage payroll error 7802.

Sage 50 Error 7802 – An Overview

Sage 50 Payroll Error can take place when your company is not registered to submit RTI returns. Sage 50 is an incredible application for managing your business accounting and payroll processes. It sends your RTI data to HMRC. Moreover, you can also track the status of your HMRC submissions using the submission log in the program.

However, you may receive FPS submission error 7802 due to several reasons. Besides, you will receive an error message for the same, with the text –

7802 – You have not been invited to submit this submission type.

There are several reasons that can bring forth this error. To get rid of this payroll issue in Sage 50, you need to list the possible reasons and override them by implementing the relevant solutions. Let’s move ahead!

Some Basic Submission Errors Related To Sage 50 Payroll Service

When submitting FDS to HMRC in Sage 50 Cloud payroll, you may encounter multi-faceted submission errors as stated in the below-given list:

  • Error Code 1046: 

This is an authentication error that can crop up when the wrong user credentials are used.

  • Sage 50 Error 4999: 

Error code 4999 can take place due to an internal schema validation issue.

  • Sage Payroll error 7801: 

An incorrect Employee PAYE or Accounts Office reference can evoke this submission error.

  • Sage 50 Payroll Error 5045: 

You may experience this error if there existing file is an actual return.

  • Payroll Error 7804 in Sage 50:

Failure in receiving and validating the full payment submission successfully for the scheme reference can evoke this error.

  • Error Code 7805:

The Sage 50 error 7805 occurs when the service is not available.

  • Sage Error 7808:

When there is a missing employer Alignment submission for the employer reference, the submission fails to accept.

  • Payroll Error 7811 in Sage 50:

The commencement of the aligned submission can evoke this submission error.

  • Sage 50 Error 7841:

If the provider starter form is not present.

You won’t be able to complete the submission if you aren’t invited to submit that type.

Possible Reasons Behind Sage Error 7802

Some of the main reasons behind the rejection of the submission are stated in the below-given list:

  1. HMRC Is Not Expecting The Submission: HMRC are not expecting the submission from this business/employer. The reason is that HMRC online services account hasn’t been activated for PAYE submission. Alternatively, the agent hasn’t been authorized by the client.
  2. Invalid Information in the Data Field: One of the core data fields is not filled with valid information.

How To Eliminate The Sage Payroll Error 7802?

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons behind the error, let’s move ahead with the relevant solutions to override the payroll issue:

Solution 1: Make Sure That The References Are Correct 

In this solution, you need to make sure that the references are correct. If not, implement the below-given solutions to check and modify them:

To Check Tax Dist/Ref

Below are the steps to get this task accomplished:

  • When in the Sage 50 application, click the Company option.
  • Next, from within the Tasks window, choose Settings to move ahead.
  • When in the Details tab, make sure that the entered information in the Tax Dist/Ref field is accurate.
  • If not, you need to make the required modifications to make them correct.
  • Once done, click OK to finish the task.

To Check Accounts Office References

Once you have checked the Tax Dist/Ref, follow the below stated steps to check Accounts Office References:

  • First of all, click the Company option.
  • When the Tasks window opens, choose Settings.
  • Now, in the HMRC Payments tab, you need to check and confirm that the accurate information is entered in the Accounts Office Reference field.
  • If not, make the required changes and click OK to end this task.

To Check Your HMRC Reference

You also need to check the HMRC reference by following the below stated steps:

  • When in the Payroll Manager section, click on the Employer option in the first place.
  • Thereafter, you need to click the Employer Details.
  • Moving ahead, select the Tax Office and check the PAYE reference and Accounts Office Reference fields.

If the Sage 50 payroll error 7802 still continues, it shows that some other factor is promoting the error. Therefore, move to the next solution for the error resolution.

Solution 2: Contact HMRC To Discuss The Issue

The Sage error 7802 can also take place when the HMRC is not expecting the RTI submissions from a business or employer for the PAYE scheme. An inactive HMRC online services account for the PAYE submission can cause this error. Besides, it can also take place when the agent hasn’t been authorized by the client.

HMRC automatically close PAYE schemes that have been inactive for some time on a regular interval. So, it is possible that the HMRC have closed the scheme, which is promoting this error in the Sage 50 application. In such a case, you need to report this to HRMC online services in order to get the account working correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it required to mention the reason behind the late payments during FDS submission? 
Answer. Yes! It is crucial to provide the reason for the late payments while making FDS submissions.

Question 2: What are the things I need to submit in the FDS in Sage 50? 
Answer. When making the submission, you need to consider these points:

• If a new starter has joined the company after the previous FDS, you need to embed it in the submission.
• Mention the employee/employees that are not being paid in the on-hold period.
• Here, you need to mark the employee as a leaver.
• After considering all of it, update and process the pay period as normal.

Question 3: How to rectify Sage 50 Payroll? 
Answer. If you are using the Sage 50 application to manage your payroll processes, implementing the below-given steps can help you edit a completed pay run:

• First things first, click on the Pay Runs tab.
• Thereafter, you need to click the relevant completed pay run followed by clicking on the Edit Pay Run option.
• Besides, you can edit absences by clicking Back and entering the relevant details. Once done, click the Save option.
• Now, click next to move ahead.
• In order to adjust an employee’s tax details, you need to click the employee’s name, enter the relevant details, and hit Save to confirm the changes you have made.

Final Words!

This friendly guide elaborates on Sage 50 Payroll Error 7802, along with its possible causes and relevant troubleshooting solutions. By implementing these solutions accurately, you can get rid of the error. However, if you are facing any kind of technical unease while implementing these solutions, get professional assistance to get rid of the Sage payroll error 7802.

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