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The Sage ERP consists of Sage 50, Sage ERP 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3 software products. Each Sage account software and ERP network targets diverse varieties of enterprises and provides solitary functionality. ERP is an enterprise resource planning application. Besides that, Sage ERP systems, Sage Group offers the latest true cloud ERP software, Sage Intact.

A Sage ERP Business management solution provides real-time financial management and Business intelligence, supply chain management, and industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, distribution, construction, as well as professional services businesses.

The Sage 100 ERP is a system used for maintaining financial, accounting, and other business procedures in a company. Sage 100 is acquired the MAS 90 application. However, the Sage 100 cloud is suitable for small businesses and midmost companies.

Also, the Sage 100 product line includes the Sage 100 cloud, Sage 100, and Sage 100 contractor including the project management software.

Which Types of Businesses Use Sage ERP 100?

Small & medium-sized businesses use Sage 100 ERP cloud as their ERP system and all business even those as small as startups can make use of Sage 100 ERP.

Industries that use Sage 100 cloud ERP are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Beverages
  • Non-Profit corporates

The Sage 100 ERP cloud works for manufacturers using separate, repetitious manufacturing, gathering, or customized prevarication as the manufacturing process. To handle the e-commerce users may need a third-party software integration with the Sage 100 using e-business web series, creating a sage 100 API or the flat-file connection.

How Much Does Sage ERP 100 Cost?

The cost of Sage 100 depends on its pricing plan, and its upgrades and enhancements selected, including the third-party add-on application. The pricing of the Sage 100 uses ranges in the number of users for the Sage 100 software. Furthermore, Sage 100 cloud essentials is the most pocket-friendly pricing plan followed by the Sage 100 cloud advanced.

The Sage 100 cloud manufacturing is either a lighter pricing plan called the Sage 100 cloud complete or a full-hearted plan called the Sage 100 cloud for its manufacturing. The complete plan includes Sage 100 cloud advanced plan features plus the return merchandise authorization & bill of materials and the mobility for the barcode. The Sage 100 cloud for manufacturing plan adds alerts from the Sage alert & its workflow, Sage inventory advisor, and the Sage production management as well as Shop floor for Sage Production Management and the one year of Sage support plus.

Highlighted Features of the Sage 100 

  • Powerful inventory management in the Sage ERP 100 advanced & its higher pricing plans.
  • The industry-specific plan features for distribution & manufacturing companies
  • Developer Personalization for the Sage 100 Cloud with the available source code
  • Available integration with the Microsoft Office 365 software

The Sage 100 ERP cloud offers inventory management features for inventory tracking that fits its distributors and manufacturing companies with complex operations. The Industry-specific distribution company functionality includes warehouse management and item pricing as well as real-time stock status, backorders, reorder points, sales history, turnover, and valuation as well as its status alerts.

Also, the industry-specific Sage 100 cloud manufacturing features include inventory requirements planning, capacity planning, and scheduling, real-time inventory item status as well as advanced job costs and adjustments to inventory materials, production processes in real-time, and alerts.

How to Use Sage 100 ERP?

Users should use Sage 100 cloud utilizing a certified Sage reseller, likewise extending consulting and customization services The Sage 100 ERP support offers online resources including the ones that are located at the Sage Sage Support central. For a researchable knowledge base, ask your community, and the sage 100 training courses. Therefore, YouTube videos are often used as Sage 100 tutorials. The Sage Customer support includes chat & phone support.

What EPR Systems Does Sage 100 Support?

  1. Sage Intacct: Sage Intacct is a modern EPR software made specifically for the cloud. Sage Intacct handles the revenue recognition and GAAP accounting standards as well. However, the AICPA which is a professional organization for CPAs can endorse Sage Intacct. Also, it offers scalability for the growing business.
  2. QuickBooks Online: Sage 100 VS QuickBooks is a common comparison that applies to the lower size ranges of the Sage 100 customer base, including startups. Both Sage100 cloud & QuickBooks online are cloud-based software products. Whereas, QuickBooks is an accounting software.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM are the latest products in the Microsoft Dynamics products line. It is a cloud-based software and it integrates with multiple Microsoft software applications and tools which includes Microsoft Teams for its collaboration.
  4. Oracle NetSuite: The Oracle NetSuite is an ERP software that excels for middle-market companies. And, NetSuite is also used by small yet venture capital-funded business which is accepting rapid growth as well as some fortune 100 companies.
  5. SyteLine: Acquired SyteLine is ERP manufacturing software that is now called Infor CloudSite industrial for manufacturing companies.
  6. SAP Business One: The Sage EPR VS SAP Business one challenges the small to midmost-sized company space. And, both of these provide a CRM. Whereas, SAP also offers the SAP EPR system for large company enterprise management.
  7. QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop is a cloud-connected desktop accounting application with non-compulsory remote hosting. Most of the Sage ERP products also offer desktop software connected to the cloud.


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