How Fix Sage .NET Runtime Error 1026
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When a user tries to run a program on their System, sometimes, it starts crashing and freezing frequently. A lot of time, the System even refuses to start. Moreover, when a user tries to launch the Event View, it fails and displays a message that states:

“ .NET runtime error 1026 bearing the following description under Event Viewer – The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception code c00000fd. “

Fixing such errors is a little complicated, but if you know the exact steps, it will be easier for you. Thus we are providing you with this blog on Sage .NET Runtime Error 1026. Keep reading to know more.

What are the reasons that Provoke Sage .NET Runtime Error 1026?

Before you move ahead with the troubleshooting of the event 1026 .NET Runtime error, let’s first understand the causes behind it.

  • In case you have provided incorrect User Details.
  • Windows is missing a few most important files.
  • The presence of a third-party app in the System can also cause the error.
  • If there is Accidental deletion of files from the Registry. This can end up with System Malfunction and event 1026 .NET Runtime.
  • Windows Update and Launchpad.exe are not compatible with each other.
  • You have installed Release 4.0.
  • Note: In release 4.5, the .NET Runtime error 1026 occurred the least.
  • 5. NET Framework is not useful for Windows XP but for Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows 8.
  • Corrupted installation of Windows media.

How to Resolve Sage .NET Runtime Error 1026?

Now, after knowing the cause, move ahead and learn the steps that you can follow to fix Sage .NET Error 1026.

Solution 1: Utilize Clean Boot

With the help of Clean Boot, users can easily identify if the .NET Runtime error 1026 is caused by an application.

Note: This step is utilized when non-Microsoft products are creating software problems. 

  1. Begin the process by pressing the Windows+R key.
  2. Next, you have to write msconfig in the required field and hit enter.
  3. Now head to the Services section and checkmark the Hide all Microsoft services box.
  4. Now, choose the Disable All button, and navigate to the Startup tab.
  5. Hit on the Open Task Manager option, and right-click on all the non-Windows entries.
  6. Lastly, hit the Disable button, and shut down the Task Manager.
  7. Now, head to the Boot section, and select the Safe Boot button.
  8. Tap on Apply and Ok.
  9. Thereafter restart your System, and see if the issue is fixed now.

Solution 2: Use the DISM and SFC Scans

Alternatively, you can also run the SFC and DISM scans to fix the .NET Runtime 1026 error.

  1. Firstly log into your System as an Admin.
  2. Thereon, launch the Command Prompt and type sfc /scannow.
  3. Next, Hit the enter button, followed by Restarting your Computer.
  4. In case SFC returns an error on your screen, then utilize the given command lines, to fix it.
  5. Note: Remember to hit the Enter button after using every command.
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Note: Before trying the above command, check and verify that there is no damage to your Disk. You can do so with the help of Administrative command.

  • In case you are utilizing a Hard disk drive as the main driver, then to install your Operating System, try command F . i.e., chkdsk c: /f. After entering that, hit the Enter button.
  • In the case of SSD, try chkdsk c: /f /r /x command.
  • However, if you are getting an error message, write Y and hit Enter again.
  • Finally, reboot your device to complete the Check.

Solution 3: Turn Off and then Turn On the .NET Framework

If the previous methods are not working in your favor, try to fix the .NET Runtime error by disabling and enabling the .NET Framework again.

  1. Firstly, head to the Windows search bar and type Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. Thereon, hit the enter button.
  3. A new Windows feature window will appear on the screen.
  4. Now, to expand the size of the menu, press the + icon next to .NET Framework 4.7 Advance Services.
  5. Next, untick all the listed options, and uninstall the framework.
  6. Finally, reboot your System.
  7. After rebooting, you have to reinstall the .NET Framework; thus, click on the Windows Features section.
  8. Again select the +icon next to .NET Framework 4.7 Advance Services, and this time tick all the options.
  9. Lastly, reboot your Computer again and verify if the error is resolved.

Solution 4: Access the .NET Repair Tool

You can also try to fix the .NET Runtime error 1026 by running the .NET Repair Tool.

  1. At the start of the process, go to the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair tool download page, and hit the Download button.
  2. Next, tick the NetRepairTool.exe box, and un-tick all the other options.
  3. Select Next, and double-click on the installation file you just downloaded.
  4. Choose Yes, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Tick the I have read and accepted the license terms box, and tap on Next.
  6. Now scan of the .NET dependencies installed on your System will be begun by the utility automatically.
  7. Wait for the process to get over, and tap on Next to apply the repair strategy automatically.
  8. Lastly, hit the Finish button to finalize the process and reboot your System.

Solution 5: Make changes in the Name of File Launchpad.exe

Alternatively, you can also modify the name of the File Launchpad.exe, and this will give you a high chance of fixing the .NET 1026 Runtime error.

  1. Start the process by login in as an Admin, and go to the root directory of your C drive.
  2. Thereafter right click on the Users Folder, and choose the Properties button.
  3. Moving ahead, select the Security tab, and from the list of options, choose the Administrators Group.
  4. Next, select the Edit tab, and when you reach the Permissions for Users screen, select the Administrators section.
  5. Tick the Allow check box connected with Full Control.
  6. Hit Apply to save the modifications you did.
  7. Now, assign the Full Control permission to the Users Folder, and head back to the File Explorer.
  8. Thereon select the View option, and tick the Hidden Items box.
  9. Now in the File Explorer, go to the given location:
    • C:\\Users\\[username]\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft_Corporation
  10. Look for the executable file named Launchpad_XXX.exe.
    • (XXX can be any random character.)
  11. Rename the file to some other name.
    • Tip: You can Add .OLD at last of the name.
  12. Finally, open the Event Viewer and verify if the issue is rectified now.

Solution 6: Reset the Windows Component

Another way to resolve the Sage .NET Runtime Error 1026 is by resetting the Windows Component.

  1. First, launch the Command Prompt as an Admin.
  2. Thereafter copy and paste the given commands.
  3. Note: Remember to Press Enter after each of the commands.
    • net stop bits
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net stop appidsvc
    • net stop cryptsvc
    • Del “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\Application
    • Data\\Microsoft\\Network\\Downloader\\*.*”
    • rmdir %systemroot%\\SoftwareDistribution /S /Q
    • rmdir %systemroot%\\system32\\catroot2 /S /Q
    • regsvr32.exe /s atl.dll
    • regsvr32.exe /s urlmon.dll
    • regsvr32.exe /s mshtml.dll
    • netsh winsock reset
    • netsh winsock reset proxy
    • net start bits
    • net start wuauserv
    • net start appidsvc
    • net start cryptsvc
  4. Lastly, reboot your PC.

Solution 7: Delete and Reinstall the Runtime Libraries

If you tried all of the above processes, but none of them helped you in rectifying the .NET Runtime error, then reinstall the Runtime Libraries.

  1. Begin the process by going to the Programs and Features option.
  2. Next, look for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and highlight it.
  3. Moving ahead, right-click on it.
  4. From the list of options, select Uninstall.
  5. End the process by restarting your System.
Conclusive Note!

At this point, we are ending our blog on .NET Runtime Error 1026. Further, if you get stuck in the process and need any additional help, feel free to contact sage support Professionals through live chat. Simply provide the answer to all the Questions and then hit the submit button. Now wait for a few minutes. A chat representative will join to provide you with the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question 1: What causes event id 1026?

Answer: To main reasons that cause Runtime Error 1026 in your System are mentioned below:

  • Inappropriate Registry in the Windows Registry.
  • Your System is attacked by Malware or Viruses.
  • In case the .NET Framework is not installed properly.
  • If the company file is not downloaded properly.

Question 2: How do I fix .NET Runtime error 1026?

Answer: There are different ways to resolve the .NET 1026 Runtime Error. Users can select one according to the reason behind its occurrence.

Question 3: How to Uninstall The .Net Framework from The System?

Answer: To uninstall the .NET Framework from your computer, follow the given set of instructions:

  • Launch the Control Panel, and hit the Program and Features tab.
  • Thereafter go to the left corner of the screen, and select Turn Windows Features.
  • Select the +icon that is present next to the .NET Framework.
  • Moving ahead, dis-select the ASP, and click on the OK option.
  • Finally, turn off the Window and restart the Computer.

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