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Sage X3 is mainly designed for mid and larger-sized Businesses. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that works as a comprehensive suite of tools to manage the finance, supply chain, production, sales, and project management processes. In addition to these, it also takes care of business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

The Sage X3 software offers the user a customizable setup and flexible solution. This simply means that the Program run on a modular system in which companies can select the features they want to evolve.

What are the System specifications needed to use Sage X3?

To run Sage X3, your system must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, or later
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • Hard drive: 200 GB or more of free space
  • Display: 1280 x 1024 resolution or higher

How to use Sage X3?

Once you fulfill the System specification, now you are free to use the Sage X3 software on your device.

1.Installation and Setup

Firstly, download and install the Sage X3 software package from Sage’s official website. Thereafter move ahead to the installation wizard and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process. Once the installation is done, set up your account and assign access levels based on the responsibilities of every employee.

2.Data entry

Once the software is set up and the users are assigned, First, you have to complete the Sage X3 login process. Thereon, begin to enter data in the Program. Provide your financial transaction history, customer and vendor information, inventory management information, etc.

3.Reports and Analysis

The Program offers a wide range of different reporting and analysis tools, which gives you permission to track your business performance and make important decisions. Additionally, you can also generate custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations to monitor our KPI and recognize the trend as well.


The X3 edition of Sage Software also provides you customization option to meet your particular need. You can add or subtract different features according to your business requirements.

What are the Best Features of Sage X3?

Some of the most significant features of the X3 version of Sage software are:

  1. Financial Management: Sage X3 offers strong financial management capabilities with the help of advanced tools. It includes accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, fixed assets, along with cash management. Moreover, it also supports multi-company and multi-currency accounting, which makes Sage X3.
  2. Production Management: The X3 Edition of the Software has a comprehensive set of tools to do product management. It has different tools according to work, including bills of materials, work orders, and capacity planning. It also has the option to support batch or process manufacturing which makes it suitable for different industries.
  3. Supply Chain Management: The Software Provides its user with different options for inventory management, procurement, warehousing, and logistics. In addition to this, it also has options for advanced planning and scheduling to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations.
  4. Project Management: When we talk about project management Sage X3 offers tools for managing project budgets, timelines, and resources.
  5. Sales Management: The Software will manage your overall sales cycle, which means from the lead generation until the fulfillment of the order. It supports almost all sales channels, including e-commerce, and provides tools for managing pricing, promotions, and commissions.
  6. Business intelligence and reporting: With the help of advanced tools of Sage X3, businesses can analyze their data and gain insight of it into their operations. It has customizable dashboards and reports, as well as the ability to create ad-hoc queries and analyses.

What are the Major Benefits of Sage X3 Software?

Sage X3 is a well-known and recognized software that gives business solutions. It is designed to help the Business to work in a better way. Some of its most important benefits are:

  1. It Streamlines the operations of Business by automating processes, reducing manual data entry, and improving data accuracy.
  2. It manages the inventory level of the Business; thus, the company doesn’t have to face a major loss. It tracks stock movements, optimizes warehouse operations, and enhances customer satisfaction.
  3. X3 edition of the software offers tools that help businesses in enhancing customer engagement. It takes care of all the important steps, including streamlined order processing, accurate pricing, and timely delivery of products.
  4. The Software offers the Business real-time visibility in their financial performance and gives them better advice for making a better and more informed decision regarding the organization.
  5. It increases the productivity of the Business as well by enabling employees to focus on more value-added activities, ultimately increasing productivity and profitability.

Industries that utilize Sage X3 

Now that you know what Sage X3 is and its importance in a business, let’s understand what are the industries that utilize this software:

1.Manufacturing Industries

To help manufacturing industries in managing production schedules, inventory, and quality control. It manages almost all the processes of Manufacturing industries, including:

  • Bill of materials management
  • Production scheduling
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Inventory management
2.Distribution Industries

For the distribution sector, Sage X3 manages projects, resources, and billing processes. It follows a streamlined process:

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Shipping and logistics management
  • Customer relationship management
3.Healthcare Industries

Sage X3 helps the healthcare industries in managing and organizing their patient information, medical billing, and compliance requirements. Users can utilize different tools and follow the straight-line process, which comprises:

  • Electronic medical record management
  • Medical billing and coding
  • Compliance management
  • Quality control and reporting
4.Service Industries

For the service sector, Sage manages their projects, resources, and billing process. It offers different features to do:

  • Project management
  • Resource planning and scheduling
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Time and expense tracking
5.Financial Industries

Now, when we talk about the Finance industry, it needs Sage software more than any industry, as the software.

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance management
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Common Error Faced by Sage X3 User

Below we have mentioned a few error codes that can trouble Sage X3 users:

  1. A0800 – This Error appears when there is an issue with the connection to the database.
  2. FATAL ERROR: Cannot create shell: 135 – Fatal Error is caused by a missing or corrupted Windows component that Sage X3 requires to run.
  3. E0001: It occurs when there is an issue with the Sage X3 application server.
  4. A1100: This Error appears on the screen when there is a license.
  5. A2003: This Error occurs when there is an issue with the Sage X3 server configuration.
  6. E1000: It occurs when there is an issue with the network connection to the Sage X3 server.

Sage X3 Support

In case you encounter any such error, you have the option to get Sage X3 support by dialing our contact sage number and consulting with one of our Sage Professionals. These professionals are highly qualified with years of experience to help Sage X3 users in rectifying their Errors.

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