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Facing pervasive databases error is one of the common things that Sage 50 users face. The error does not allow the windward to connect to the database. No doubt, Sage 50 is one of the greatest accounting software of the modern era. The beneficial tool helps business owners and organizations to streamline and manage their financial work. However, the powerful software is also prone to errors. Sometimes the users face technical errors while using the software. These technical errors disable all functions that, ultimately, result in hanging the complete software.

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Are you facing the Sage 50 installation Pervasive DataBase Errors and are looking for reliable solutions? Then, this guide is for you. It will provide the step-by-step procedure to resolve the issue. However, before getting into the solutions, let us have a quick knowledge of pervasive data base error, their types, and their causes.

What is Sage 50 Error?

Sage 50 Pervasive Databases or the Actian Zen error is one of the most frustrating errors that occur when you are trying to work on the Sage 50 program. Due to the dissimilarities between the server and the database, Sage 50 pervasive databases error occurs as the installation of the Actian Zen database has failed.

Types of Error Messages Shown

The error messages you will receive because of this error are:

  1. Sage 50 Error 2265
  2. Sage 50 Error Unable to install pervasive
  3. Sage 50 Error “Database service manager has stopped working.”
  4. Sage 50 Error “Aborting Install: Error Installing Pervasive.”
  5. Sage 50 Error “Error Installing Pervasive”

These errors may appear to be different. However, the core problem is the same that is “The installation of the Pervasive databases has failed.”

Why has the Installation of a Pervasive Database Failed?

There may be various reasons that cause the pervasive database error. It is difficult to pinpoint each and every reason for error; however, some of the most common reasons that cause the Sage 50 pervasive database errors are listed below:

  1. The previous installation has failed.
  2. There may be security software issues.
  3. The files got corrupted during the installation process.
  4. You have enabled the UAC.
  5. The program is open in more than one system.
  6. The other programs are hampering the program.
  7. The user has limited rights
  8. You have installed a 64-bit PSQL server engine.
  9. You have deleted the PervasiveMin folder from the installation store.
  10. There is a problem with the installation folder security settings.
  11. The firewalls or antivirus are hampering the program.

How to Fix the Sage 50 Pervasive DataBase Error ?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the Sage 50 pervasive database error. These solutions may hamper the settings of Sage 50 software. Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform these methods under the guidance of a highly expert technician. It is highly recommendable to restart the system before executing any of the resolution methods.

The different methods to resolve Sage 50 PSQL Installation errors are:

Method 1: Security Settings, Security Programs are Preventing the Installation

The steps to resolve the error caused by security programs or other programs are as follows:

1.Before starting the installation process, please disable the antivirus software on the system.

2.In order to disable the user Account Control (UAC), follow the steps as mentioned below.”

    • Go to the control panel and type user account control in the search box.
    • Click on the user account turn on/off option.
    • Uncheck the UAC and click on the “OK” option to save the changes.

3.It is necessary to boot in selective startup. Follow the procedures listed below to accomplish the same..

    • Press the Window + R key and type “msconfig.”
    • Press Enter key and choose the service tab.
    • “The checkbox labelled “Hide All Microsoft Services” ought to be chosen..
    • Choose “Disable All” option from the menu at this time.
    • Next, you have to click on the “Startup” tab and choose the “Disable All” option.
    • Click on the “OK” button.

4.Right Click on the .exe file and run it as an administrator.
5.Double-check the security settings on the install folder.

Method 2: Check Whether the Correct Installer is used

1.In order to check whether you are using the correct installer, follow the below-mentioned steps.

    • Please make sure that you are using the correct setup.exe file. The file is located in the install folder of the Sage that you are trying to install.
    • If the setup file is located somewhere else, exit the install wizard and browse to the correct location.
    • Locate the correct setup.exe file and double-click on it to start the installation.

Method 3: Uninstall and install Actian Zen

Follow the below-mentioned methods to uninstall and reinstall the pervasive databases:

  1. Go to the control panel and locate the Sage folder.
  2. Open the folder, and locate the installation folder. The path may look like C:\Sage\Sage50\_(version).
  3. Click on the folder named PeachtreeInstaller 20xx and follow the steps.
  4. Locate the PervasiveMin folder and open it.
  5. Now, click on the SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe file.
  6. Click on the next option and accept the license agreement.
  7. Select the “Run as a Service” tab and double click on the next button.
  8. Follow the instructions, and finally, click on the “Finish” Tab.

Method 4: Windows User Rights

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the user’s rights.

  1. Check whether the current user has the right of window administrator.
  2. If not, log in as a local admin and give access rights.
  3. If you are using the domain network, check whether the user has both rights, namely, the local admin and the domain admin.
  4. If not, log in as an administrator and give the required rights.

Method 5: Check if You are using the Correct Version of Actian Software

In order to execute the above mentioned method, go through the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Navigate to Windows’ Control Panel.
  2. Now, navigate to the Programs and Features section.
  3. Remove the other Pervasive versions from your system; they can be labelled as Actian PSQL v12 Server Engine SP1.
  4. Install the correct Sage program.

Method 6: Run the Standard installation from the server

Follow the below-cited steps to do the same.

  1. Go to the <server name, you are using>\Peachtreeinstaller20xx
  2. Search the folder name peach in the server.
  3. Click on the folder to open it and run the _setup.exe file.
  4. Choose the option “Run as an Administrator” while running the .exe file.

Here, we have accumulated all the possible methods to resolve the pervasive database errors.

How to Identify the Error?

You may easily identify the pervasive database error. Look at the below-mentioned points to identify the PSQL server engine installation error.

  1. You are receiving the error message code “Aborting install: Error installing pervasive.”
  2. Sage 50 cannot be installed..
  3. The Pervasive database has failed to work.
Final Words

Here, in this blog, we have tried to explain the possible reasons for Sage 50 pervasive database errors and the most suitable methods. These methods are simple yet effective. We hope that the above-mentioned steps have helped you in troubleshooting the error. If you are facing the same error again and again, even after executing the methods mentioned above, contact the Sage 50 support team to get instant assistance.

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