Sage Payroll Error 7866

Sage Payroll Error 7866 occurs as a full payment submission and you have to resolve it by using a few troubleshooting steps given in this write-up. This error is considered as a critical unknown error or the operational technical error. Once a user faces this issue, they get an issue message as error 7866. There are various national insurance categories for every employee which depends on the employee’s work status like apprentice and employees who are under the age of twenty-one, a married or widowed woman and employees who are eligible for national insurance but paid on another job. 

What Do You Understand by Sage Error 7866?

The Sage Error code 7866 demonstrated that instead of mentioning zero next to X, C and W categories should be a number greater or less than zero which is incorrectly mentioned. The problem is caused usually once an incorrect refund is done because an inappropriate category is chosen or maybe caused while going through manual National Insurance Categories. It is a technical error that has occurred due to incorrect processing of the National Insurance for the employee affected. To resolve it, either edit the data or slide back and reprocess the effective employee.

There may be a few situations when this National Insurance requires to be modified for an employee while submitting complete payroll under the Full Payment System. So, Sage error code 7866 takes place. This can also impact the Sage 50 Payroll products like 19, 20, 21, 22 and Sage Instant Payroll. 

Methods to Troubleshoot Sage Error 7866

Rollback assists you to come back to a particular pay period about the employee for which the problem has taken place and permanently remove the Pay processing from the impacted period to all subsequent pay periods. However, mention that the employee’s basic records like the address and contact details won’t be impacted. The only segments must be permanently removed and depends upon the calmative values like Pay History, Absence Records for the rolled time frame. After the rollback, the employee’s payment record will be adjusted immediately. Go through the troubleshooting methods to resolve the Sage error code 7866 associated with payment. 

Method – 1 Procedure of a Rollback

  • Choose Rollback employees from the other drop-down menu
  • Choose Rollback active employee and tap continue
  • Now, tap on the Rollback link for the employee and tick the period, you willing to roll back and continue
  • Login with the password to ensure the rollback.

Method – 2 Rollback an Employee’s Data

  • Check if the pension scheme in the previous version for an employee is right and not a mismatch
  • If you have modified pension schemes in an earlier version of Sage 50 payroll and have finished up a rollback, examine whether the pension schemes are appropriate.
  • The calculated sickness days will not be removed during a rollback and requires to be manually removed from the employee’s record
  • There can be changes in the Pay Elements and Rates since the rollback period. It won’t be reversed by the wizard.

Once you follow the above troubleshooting steps, you can easily resolve Sage Payroll 7866. If you can’t rectify it, call the Sage customer support number to get some accurate tips instantly. Sage experts are experienced, professional and fully trained to handle any issue in Sage 50 Payroll. The sage customer support centre is available 24/7 to assist you.

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